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"You Should Write A Book!"

After over 35 years in the hospitality, catering, and events business I have seen many events and experienced more than a few exiting, emotional, sad, ecstatic or funny situations. When I share the latests stories with friends, their reaction is usually, “You should write a book!” I’m not going to try to write a who knows how many page manuscript and get it published; No I’m going to use this new fangled thing called a blog to share my observations. So here goes!!

I first started to manage weddings and events right out of collage at my first job at the Stapleton Plaza Hotel, here in Denver. Stapleton Plaza was an airport hotel, just across Quebec Street from the old Stapleton airport. We didn’t cater a lot of weddings, what we did were more meetings and corporate dinners. Back in the eighties for corporate dinners the entree was prime rib and the wine was cabernet. Both in huge quantities.

One morning before going to work, I was chatting with Gregory. (We both worked the evening shift, I at the hotel and he at his mechanical engineering job.) I was musing how I hoped that the dinner would be chicken tonight, because I was ‘so tired of prime rib!’ Needles to say, Gregory (as he was making a ham sandwich for his dinner,) was not very sympathetic to my plight.

I hope that this blogging experience will give you some insight into how we approach our work here at Willow Ridge Manor. Sharing observations, experience and opinions. I have seen a lot over the years, but sometimes something will happen and I can honestly say, “I have NEVER seen that before!” These will make it into this blog and who knows, maybe someday into a book.

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